Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hitting the wall...

I am beyond exhausted and frustrated and worried...April has been an insanely busy month.  Work is crazy.  I'm ready for May and the downhill slide into the blissful days of summer!
Here is what I have going on right now:

  • book fair week - exhausting in itself!
  • Bubba Bear was limping for a week (as in completely holding up one back leg even when he was in a dead run) and went to the vet last Friday.  He has been on backyard only and house arrest for a week with meds.  He is due to be released Saturday morning.  If limp returns, back to the vet.  He seems better.
  • Rex started acting super weird yesterday.  Walking all hunched over.  He was shaking and seemed to be in pain.  He went to the vet today.  Our regular vet was off, so he saw the guest vet.  Rex is on a week of house arrest and meds.  The vet said 30 days, but I think if he has a spine issue or something serious, we can move to the next step sooner than 30 days.  Plus, he is already miserable suffering through Bubba's confinement!  I have no idea what he has done to himself.  
  • Then, I have the chicken in broody hen jail in the barn!
  • And, Cotton STILL hasn't laid an egg!
  • Did I mention work is crazy busy and we are also trying to get ready for a goat addition to the family!?!?  Ahhhhh!!!! 
  • Oh, and the lawn mower has a major blow out ... and the grass ain't getting any shorter!
  • AND, the dishwasher stopped working but neither one of us has time to meet a repairman at the house, so we've been hand washing dishes for the past week.  It gets old quick!  Big Bear uses a lot of dishes cooking!  
We are falling apart!  I need things to slow down and everyone healthy and doing their jobs!  No freeloading chickens.  I hate to say it, but if the banty's don't get it together, they are going to be our test subjects for if we can eat chickens we raise!

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