Friday, April 22, 2016

On the flip side...

After my "Debbie Downer" post yesterday, let's look at the bright side today!
Bubba Bear is off backyard/house arrest and bolted out front with a gusto and NO limping!  Whoop!  Stella is thrilled to have her pest of a brother back! LOL!
I relaxed in the sunshine in my rickety old yard sale glider that I love and watched the donkeys graze, the dogs play (and eat donkey poop!) and Big Bear hit golf balls.  A relaxing end to a stressful week!

Next week marks one year since we added these two the family!  Can you believe it's been a year?
And you can't tell me this little chicken flea market find isn't adorable at the chicken pen gate!?!  Love!
 Big Bear's garden is looking good.  We lost 3 tomato plants to the rain so we are down to 39.  How will we ever survive with that? Haha!
He even planted my donkeys some carrots! :)
Most importantly, the BOOK FAIR is OVER!!! 
Happy weekend!  We start the goat shelter tomorrow!
OH!  And, Minnie is out of broody pen jail and seems to be back to normal.  AND, Cotton laid her first egg! We are getting it together! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

It's been a busy, exciting time over at your house!!! I can't believe you've had the donkeys for a year. It's like they've been there forever and just arrived yesterday all at the same time!