Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday on the farm...

First, I have my first broody hen!!  I incorrectly thought that this did not happen if you didn't have a rooster.  A broody hen is when they won't get up off their egg because they want to hatch it.  Well, little miss ain't hatching!  It's not fertilized.  After two days of her NOT moving off of it, I did a little research about what to do.  I hated to break her heart, but today I had to remove her from her egg and take it away. :(  Her day only got worse from there. Her BFF, Cotton, was apparently NOT happy about being all alone for two days while Minnie stayed in the nesting box, so she promptly attacked her multiple times today to show her dislike of the past few days!  (Chicken drama! ha!)
 We finally got the last gate on the garden today!!!  That freaking fence only took forever!  But, alas, it is done!
Keep in mind, I asked him to start SMALL with the garden...we obviously have two different ideas of small. :)
He does work on it every day after he gets home from's looking good!
We have 42 tomato plants!!!
After the garden, we moved to the chicken pen...and tempers flared a few times so the pictures are few! Ha!  We have to adjust the gate I built and have 2 sides of fence left to put up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, by Monday the ladies will have a big pen during the day.  
And, at some point, these two finally made peace again.  Minnie has had a bad day! 
More chores tomorrow...after the chicken pen is done, we have a little more fencing to nail to the 3 board horse fence and then about 200 feet to add with two gates.  I hate fencing.  Have I mentioned that?  If anyone were to hand me money right now, I wouldn't do anything with it but call a fence company.  Fencing is frustrating and hard work.  

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Vader's Mom said...

Small? Well I think you & I agree on that word and it's not what he's done!!!