Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Bliss

Girl days are some of the best days.  Saturday was a full-on girl day.  We started with going to several flea markets, and ended with a comedy concert by Chondra Pierce, a Christian comedian.  After a stressful week, this was a nice break. :)

 Look at my flea market scores...and yes, I know I have a chicken addiction! ha!  That mailbox looking thing is a bird house!  Cuteness!  And, the Happy Campers sign is going to hang in our camper.  The chicken on a stick (heehee) is going to stand beside the gate to the chicken pen.
But my favorite score of the day was this old barn stall door with original hardware that I will be using as a gate to the new chicken pen.  Somehow it's all about the chickens! :)
Ta-da!  The birdhouse even went by the chickens! LOL!
 It's sign says "The Wren's"...awww!
 And now the little girls have a sign on their coop!
 On Sunday we started on some serious chores to try and get goat ready.  The newly expanded chicken pen will be inside the goat area, so we are finishing it first.  It is now completely ready for fence on 3 sides, hang the gates and done!  The ladies are going to love it!  I know it's hard to tell just how big it is, but it is going from the corner 4x4 post to the wooden fence at the other end. :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Your chickens are well loved!