Saturday, April 2, 2016

Who does it better?

It's the battle of the egg! :)
Who is better?  The mini-chicken (banty) or the regular chicken?
 Right away, I notice the banty egg (top pan) has more yolk and less egg white.  It's almost all yolk.  
 I also noticed the color of the banty eggs scrambled was brighter (top).  So...there is a difference.  But do they TASTE different?
My opinion:  it's a slight difference.  I think you'd honestly have to eat them side-by-side to notice.  But I did give the win to the banty egg by a hair.  I'm talking 9.75 to 10.  It's a tight race, but I think the more yolk, less egg white pushed them over the edge to the win.  Either way, fresh eggs are ALWAYS better than store bought!
**Update with Kevin's opinion once I do the "experiment" for him. ;-)

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Vader's Mom said...

I was wondering how this would turn out - Thank you for sharing your results!