Sunday, April 3, 2016

Worn out!

Today was one of those days that we got a lot done and are just worn smooth out!  We got the compost bin moved from the barn down to the garden area.  I started on the gate I want to build for the bigger chicken run we are making.  I am using old barn wood from my mom & dad's place. :)
I set the T-posts on one side for the chicken run.  Only one more side needs posts and then we put up fence. Woohoo!
 Have I mentioned these two are BFF?
Big Bear came with the chainsaw and helped me clean up some of the trees along the edge of the new chicken run.
Once limbs come down, you gotta haul them to the burn pile.
And, meanwhile, Elly May pretends she is NOT in the chicken run stealing their food!
 Posts on one side set and lined up...I learned a T-post driver is hard on the ole arms and I will be doing this a little at a time or I will lose all movement in my arms.
 I am almost done with my gate.  I love it!  But it needs a cross bar for more support and I need hardware to hang it.  I love old barn wood!
 Kevin got 4 rows planted in the garden today.  And, they should last now that the fence is up! :)  He planted onions, carrots, and radishes.  The donkeys should be happy about that row of carrots! 
He also tilled the whole garden.  And holey moley, he made a BIG garden!!  I said, "Start small."  And this happened:
People, we are worn out!  Happy, but tired!  Pizza is being delivered and the couch is my friend the rest of the night! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Elly Mae in the chicken run - Oh my!!!!