Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another day closer...

 I am hopeful our newest cuties are out of the backyard and in their own space tomorrow night!!!  This afternoon we got the fence posts set and for two people that don't really know what they are doing, I think we did a great job!!  Look at us go!
 Once again, it was just the two of us.  Kevin would drive in two posts and I would do the next one.  Team work!
Last gate is SET!  Boom!  All that's left is running that heavy stinkin' fence down the row and attaching it.  Probably the WORST part of fencing!! URGH!  Crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly so that we can finish up tomorrow!!!
 Meanwhile, these two are not liking sharing their backyard or attention!  ROTTEN!!
Big Bear has always wanted fainting goats, so he is trying to make friends and be the favorite. (Since I am everyone else's favorite! ha)

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Vader's Mom said...

He did kind of lose Stella to you, didn't he?? He's so cute with his baby goats!!