Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting There!!

Saturday was supposed to be rain but we got a break, so the goat shed became 98% done.  Whoop!
Sunday, we got the rest of materials purchased and some goat fence up.  Oh my goodness...goat fence is HEAVY!!  What a pain!  It's hard to see, but the goat fence is attached to the wood fence that was already there.  
Fast forward to today and after work, we put the final finishing touches on the goat shed.  It is DONE (and will get a coat of red paint this summer...or when things slow down!)
Then, we moved on to the gate.  We will have one gate leading up to the house and one gate going into the donkey area.
And then bam!  We are down to about 200 feet of fence left and one gate!!  3 fence rows up and 1 to go!!Almost there!
Ready or not...two of our kids are being delivered tomorrow!  They will stay in the backyard or in the chicken pen until the last row gets up.  I really, really think we might finish up Thursday. 

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