Tuesday, May 3, 2016


This all started about a month ago with this fella needing a new home...free goat to a good home.  (He will be joining our family on Sunday.)
Today his friends arrived.  I mean, we couldn't get ONE goat.  He needed a buddy...or two!  Kevin has always wanted fainting goats and I found him two on a farm in NW Arkansas.  She could deliver them today and save us a drive...hence the reason we have them before we are totally ready!! Yikes!
Our little trio will be Snap (below), Crackle (above) and Pop (coming on Sunday).  LOL!
 Snap and Crackle are staying in the backyard until the goat fence is finished.  They immediately started mowing! :)
 They are 3 months old and Pop is a year old.  
There was a lot of cuteness tonight!!
So how is the goat fence coming?  What progress was made today?  Well, I did a lot of clean up.  I also got straw for the goat house and for the barn stall (where the babies will sleep this week).  Doesn't that look comfy?
Straw? Check!  Companions? Check!
Clear a path for the goat fence through the wooded section?  Check!
Set the post for the 2nd gate?  Check!
What's left?  1. hang the 2nd gate  2. set the Tposts  3. stretch and attach 210 feet of fence.  
Goal:  Done by Friday night.  PLEASE! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

The goats are adorable!! Do they make a lot of noise?