Sunday, May 29, 2016

Let me introduce myself...

Saturday was one week of the littles and the ladies looking at each other through the fencing, so I decided to sit out in the chicken pen for awhile and let the littles OUT of their tiny coop.  
Below is a little walking along side one of the ladies, Jackie.  The littles have the height, just not broad yet. :)
Ready or we come!  We need to stretch our wings!!
For the most part, it was uneventful.  The littles all clustered together on one side of the pen and the ladies all clustered together on the other side.  It was like a Jr. High dance with the boys on one wall and the girls on the other and no one making eye contact!

Bubba Bear made sure to keep an eye on things just in case things got out of hand! LOL!
LOOK at all those chickens!  Exciting!
Fresh eggs daily! :)

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