Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This and that

Oh, just chillin' at momma's feet! :)  Be still my heart!!
This little bliss was short lived.  For some reason, Jethro lost his mind and decided to start chasing the baby goats.  At full run!!  There was much screaming, yelling and fainting (on Crackle's part), so the donkeys are banned from the goat pen until the littles are big enough to defend themselves.
Hello blue eyes!
Today's farm bulletin is that both banty's have decided to go broody IN THE SAME box!  For the love of fresh eggs!!  
Into the broody hen jail they both go tomorrow!
 And, yes, he's still here.  He's still adorable.  He's still my baby boy.  And, he is not sure about those goats! LOL!
Bubba Bear!!!

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Vader's Mom said...

Awwww - Poor goats. They will be beating Jethro up soon!!