Saturday, May 21, 2016

Time Served

These two broody jail birds are getting out today with time served.  Apparently, banty's are more likely to go broody than some other chicken breeds.  What is broody?  Broody means they won't get up off their eggs because they want to hatch them.  Well, with no rooster, there isn't a chance of it hatching anyway.  So, you have to get them up off the next and in something that lets air under them, like a wire dog crate lifted off the ground.  After a few days, the air cools them down and they are back to normal.  Until the next time...then you repeat jail time! 
What's funny to me is that broody hen jail is in the chicken stall with the "littles".  The littles are now the size of the banty's...maybe even a little bigger.  They almost seemed to bully them while they were behind bars! LOL!
I'm going to try to move the littles out to the big girl chicken run this weekend. :)

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