Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Finding our peace :)

What's going on in Chicken Land?  Well, the littles have officially slept in the big coop the past two nights.  Yay!  Only downside is they are slightly confused and line up on the perch outside the coop in the run and I have to go physically move them into the coop each night.  My research tells me I might do this 2 nights or for 2 weeks.  They will eventually catch on. 
Since the littles were done with the banty's little coop, I cleaned it back up today & moved it just outside the big chicken pen.  The banty's are just smaller and get picked on constantly.  I figured I would separate them and give them some peace.  Everyone was happy today!  The banty's, Cotton and Minnie, are out of the barn and back in the fresh air with grass to peck at.  The littles and bigs are working it out in their big area. :)

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