Friday, June 24, 2016

I love summer!

I love that I can stay up late reading and sleep in until 7 am!  First thing, when I get up, I get to feed the kittens some breakfast and have playtime!  
Then I let the ladies and littles out of their coop/run for the day.  BIG chicken break through last night!!  For the past 2 1/2 weeks I have had to go outside after dark and move the littles one by one into the coop.  FINALLY, last night, they all went into the coop on their own!  Woohoo!
 Then, I actually have time to do some chores or tasks that need to get done and have been put off.  Yesterday's task was putting primer on the chicken pen gate.  I prefer the look of the natural barn wood, but it needs some protection.  Primer and then a coat of red paint to match the barn, coop and goat house is the plan.
 The wood just soaked up my primer and I only had enough to do the front gate.  I decided I was glad.  I'm not going to do the other gate.  I just love the way it looks natural and so it will stay that way and last as long as it lasts. :)
When the heat kicks in, we just try to stay cool and relax. :)

On the really, really high heat index days, the goats and chickens get their box fans.  Pop immediately starts trying to eat the string I use to tie the fan to the fence! ha!
 Throughout the day, we (by we, I mean me and the dogs) try to make our rounds and check on everyone.  Got water?  Staying cool?  Need a treat or a scratch?
The kittens are now coming out of the stall to explore the whole barn.  All the dogs have gotten to meet them and so far, so good with constant supervision and praise. :)
They have no fear.  Katniss is the braver of the two. Yesterday, she tried to show the rooster she was boss! LOL!  Mr. Rooster is supposed to be picked up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.
Basically, the past two weeks have been bliss.  I am never certain what day of the week it is.  I am home with my fur and feathered kids.  I am getting little tasks knocked out.  I am reading and EVEN scrapbooking!  (I am SO behind!)  I needed this break.  It seemed like somehow life was getting too busy and out of control.  I am grateful for a job that allows me to "regroup" over the summer.

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