Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In Chicken news...

Bless him.  My rotten, Bubba Bear, is a nightmare to train around new animals.  He is starting to do so much better though.  I like to go outside and sit under the shade tree and watch my chickens and have a little prayer time.  Bubba Bear has started laying at my feet and "keeping an eye" on the chickens too. LOL!  I have to give him credit though - twice now a chicken has slipped past me at the gate and gotten out.  Bubba Bear was, of course, right there with me and when I told him no, he sat down and just watched the action of me trying to chase the chicken back in the pen.  I know the whole time he was thinking, "I could really help you with that!" :)
And it turns out one of my Wyandotte pullets is a actually a Wyandotte rooster.  So, we began the search for this guy a new home this week.  I have two potential homes.  Just waiting on call backs.

For now he is in a crate in the barn and not too happy about being separated from his ladies.  But, he better just hope that one of these people call back in the next few days or he is "winner, winner, chicken dinner!" :)  He's going to be so pretty, so it would be a shame for him not to be a big daddy rooster somewhere.  
Look how big he is compared to the kitten...who has NO fear of him!

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