Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Random Farm Pics

The garden has suffered with Big Bear's knee surgery and our month long distraction of getting ready for the goats, but it looks like we will still get some tomatoes, purple hull peas, carrots and maybe some other goodies! :)
 We like to call this one, "Fishing for Goats". LOL!
Yesterday, I put the finishing paint touches on the goat shed.  All done!  Woohoo!

For some reason, this just cracked me up.  We were taking a break yesterday because of the heat and sitting under the fans on the front porch and all the inside furbabies needed a break too!  
This morning the donkeys would NOT get out of the barn while I was trying to let the kittens out to play.  So, I finally gave up and let them check each other out. It's funny to see a teeny tiny kitten hiss at what must seem like a giant donkey.  
A girl could get used to not working and just taking care of the farm critters all day.  Just sayin'....

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