Friday, June 17, 2016

Surviving the HEAT!

 There has been a heat index of 110 degrees for the past 3 days here.  So, the chickens got a box fan. And, I go out and wet down the ground in the shade about twice a day.  
If the chickens get a fan, then the goats had to get one too!  Can't play favorites!
But the goats are still working.  You couldn't even SEE under these trees a month ago.  And look at Crackle in there, still working on clearing it all out.  Good goat!
And, of course, our newest additions have a box fan.  They are in a barn stall for now and there is a horse fan hooked up from the people before us.  So, these cuties have some air moving too.
Katniss appreciates it too!
Prim too! And myself because I go out there at least 3 or 4 times a day to sit with them and feed them and play. :)

This one doesn't need a box fan because he chills out in the A/C all day!  Rotten!
Donkeys are holding up good.  They are desert animals so the heat doesn't seem to bother them.  They roll in a good dust pile several times a day and keep a good layer of dirt on them to stay cool and keep the flies off.
My chickens are starting to really come together as one group.  I told Big Bear I had so many chickens now that I couldn't get them all in one frame for a picture! Ha!  We are about to be down one though.  We have another rooster.  Hope someone will take him because he's going to be pretty.  And the alternative is NOT pretty. :(
When the rooster leaves, we will have 5 silver laced Wyandotte's, 5 barred rocks, 3 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 banty's. :)

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