Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trust your gut instinct!

Yesterday, we had a near disaster and our first playground injury.  Luckily I was home!  And, let me say, when one animal is in distress, I quickly learned that everyone pulls together.  I heard a noise outside.  And, then Bubba Bear went to the window and started barking.  I look out and the donkeys are at alert at the goat pen gate.  I go to another window that shows me the goat area and I see Crackle hanging from the playground by his leg!!!!  I run outside as fast as I can and get him released.  By all accounts, his leg should be broken.  He was dangling by it.  Pop was pacing and calling out.  Crackle was crying.  It was heart wrenching.  Now, let me say this - IF I had followed my gut instinct, this never would have happened.  I didn't like the slats of the pallets and wanted to put a solid board over them, but none of the goat playgrounds I had seen online did that, and I kept watching them and they never slipped or had issues.  Well, don't trust pictures.  If you foresee an issue, go ahead and be proactive.  It took me all of 15 minutes to cover the top of the pallets.  I wish I had just done it to begin with like I wanted to, but my lesson in this is that I will trust my instincts from now on.
On the upside, I got to hold and cuddle Crackle for a good 15 minutes.  I now know who my goat and donkey vet is going to be.  And, praise Jesus, Crackle is just fine!  He limped around for a bit but today, he is all better.
*Sidenote: Big Bear was at work through all this drama, so Momma Bear had to handle it all by herself.  I kept my wits about me until after I got off phone with vet that assured me the leg wasn't broken based on what I was telling him.  After I hung up that phone, then I bawled!  But throughout the rescue and problem solving of trying to determine injuries, I held it together. Whew!

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