Monday, June 6, 2016


So...after the goat drama of the last post. I headed out to watch my niece in her horse show.  On the way, my dad calls to see where I am and if I can swing by and pick him up because the brakes went out on his car.  I go get him and we are about 10 miles from the horse show and my tire computer starts showing we are steady losing tire pressure in one of my tires.  We got all the way down to 12 psi - the rest of my tires are at 38 psi to give a comparison!!  At 12 psi, we come to a gas station and put air in it.  We steady watch it drop again down to 15 psi before we get to good ole Wal-Mart for a tire repair.  Who knows what I hit/ran over?!?  But there was no need for serious panic when I had Mr. Fix It right there in the car with me. :)
And, we made it to the horse show in time for him to be in his class. 
Love watching my niece around horses.  She is a natural! 

After all that stress, I declared Sunday craft day in the barn.  My craft buddy, Jennifer came over and we turned some scrap lumber into works of art!
 Two of my Pinterest projects actually came to life for once! Ha!
 And my friend made this: (just turn your head sideways - ha!)
2 more work days until summer!

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