Thursday, July 21, 2016

110 in the SHADE!

What happens around here when it is unbearably HOT?  Today my phone app says it is 114 heat index at 4:00!!!  Holy HOTNESS!
So, all the water buckets are full to the brim...& the goats have a fan going at full blast. :)
And, I throw them some tree branches so they can chill in the shade and chow down with the fan on them!  Spoiled much?
The chickens have 3 water sources all full and a box fan on them.
The kittens have two water sources and lots of shade and some hiding places that keep them cool.
Oh and of course, a box fan of their own! :)
The donkeys have 4 water sources, shade and dirt to roll in to make them happy!
That feels good! 
The dogs "assist" in getting everyone ready to hunker down and are quickly ready to get in the A/C!!
Ruby Rue holds down the fort and one paw doesn't even grace the outdoors in this heat. LOL!
And then today about noon, the power went out and no one had a fan or A/C for about an hour and half!!!  
I still love summer though! :)

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