Saturday, July 30, 2016

Around the Farm...

I pray nothing happens to these barn cats and that they don't leave the safety of our 10 acres, because I have grown quite attached to their daily cuteness.  
Oh, just throwing crickets to the chickens...cause it's fun! :)
 This red right here...she is the head boss lady and has been renamed "Bully".  "Hey lady!  What are you looking at?!?" 
 Be still my heart!
Crackle...he is still standoffish, and all I want to do is cuddle him! LOL!  He is the first to love his new toys though. 
These two...never miss a thing! :)
Just exactly whose water bowl is this?!?
Prim follows me everywhere and "helps" with all the chores...including new bedding for the nesting boxes.
I really am trying to wrap my head around the fact that my peace filled days with all my babies are coming to an end.  I love our little farm and would happily spend every day here.  I went to meet a friend for lunch yesterday and realized my car hadn't moved in over a week.  And I am ok with that! :)  But, the real world begins again soon and I must be grateful for a job that gives me a summer off to re-energize and refresh.  It will take a few weeks for all of us to adjust to me being back at work, but the bills must be paid somehow. :)

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