Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Big Bear Birthday!

Today was Big Bear's birthday.  Now, those of you that know us, will not be surprised at my wrapping job for his gifts...tshirt still in the shopping bag and throw a blanket over the big box.  I mean, who needs wrapping paper?  Such a waste! :)
I think he liked it! :) He's been wanting one of these for a year now.
 You know you are country when you get excited about a sprayer that goes on the back of a 4-wheeler. LOL!
He had the day off yesterday, so we spent yesterday flea marketing locally.  Then, today he went in for a few hours this morning and then we hit major flea markets and went on a little sight seeing road trip along the way.  A good day.
Look at my treasures!!
 I think my favorite "find" is this metal donkey!!  You never see donkey's always horses, cows, chickens and pigs.  Never donkeys or goats, so how could I pass him up?  Plus, he's braying!!
My second favorite is this little table for the front porch.  When I went to check out, it was even marked down more and I got it for $17!
This little antique chair is for the chickens.  As soon as I set it down in their run, they came over to see what the crazy chicken lady had brought them now.  LOL!
It's a super cool chicken perch!  That's what!
Thanks for the demo Red! :)
And, now for 7 months, Big Bear and I get to be the same age.  From February to July, he likes to remind me I am older. haha!

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