Wednesday, July 27, 2016


With Big Bear's knee surgery at the beginning of summer, it really put a damper on our camping season.  But these past few days, we were finally able to get away for a few days.  At the last minute, we even extended it an extra night.  Our reserved spot wasn't available for one more night, so we moved sites when we got there.  We gave up our favorite site, but ended up right next door! :)

We took Bubba Bear with us for the first few days.  And, we pretty much just fished, relaxed, and played games.  I cannot beat my husband at dominos or baggo!  Ever.

 I may not beat him at games, but fishing is another story! :)
Truth be told, we both caught multiple "littles" like the one above, but since I am the only one who caught a big fella, well, I win! :)
 We left after church on Sunday and came home on Tuesday for a catering and then went back another night, so we got to switch out kids!  This trip Bubba Bear got a turn and Stella too!
Meanwhile, back at the farm, everyone was spoiled rotten by our AWESOME house/farm sitter! :)  We are all blessed to have her and it is SO nice to get away and not have to worry about all my babies because I know they are in good hands.
Shouse Ford - site 79 - July 24-27

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