Friday, July 29, 2016

Goat Land

What's happening in the world of our spoiled goats?
I found a better solution to their see saw so the board would stop falling off the log. (Longer log so it doesn't slip off the side.)  Now, they can see saw and I don't have to go out there and keep putting the board back on the log for them! :)  

My brother had some pallets laying around at his house so of course, I immediately thought of the goats and asked if I could have them.  Last night, we started on the playground expansion.
Pop and Snap immediately jumped up there before we were even finished!!
Pop soon figured out he could reach into the tree above him!!!  
After a little brainstorming session on how to add a ramp...well, as soon as I added it and stepped back, Crackle said, "thank you". :)
Follow the leader!
Back off little ones!  This is MINE! LOL!
These guys all play hard, but they work hard too. It's fun giving them things to play on and watching them clean up the acre they are calling home. :)
Goats are fun!

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