Monday, July 11, 2016

John 3:16

Today we were finally able to get away and head to John 3:16 Ministries for a visit.  43 former graduates showed up yesterday to visit the ministry that gave them back their life.  There is honestly no other place I feel the Holy Spirit quite like I do at John 3:16 Ministries.
I know we will forever be grateful for the change this ministry had in our lives.  Praise Jesus for sobriety!
While we were there, I had to see the chickens and realized quickly that our chickens are much prettier and have it made!  (Imagine that...I have spoiled animals...even the chickens! ha!)
And, I got to see a baby goat!!  ADORABLE!!
Then, I saw a pig in with the goats and the wheels started churning...hmmm...a pig can live with goats? 
And, then I saw this guy and thought he might just be the coolest goat ever.  So now I want a pig and goat with a beard! LOL!
May the next 3 1/2 weeks drag by!  I am loving my summer!

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