Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just a summer Monday...

Yesterday was a fun day!  One of my Sunday school girls and her mom came over and taught me how to paint furniture!!  We set up shop in the barn & the fun began!  I have wanted to paint this dresser in my scrapbook room a fun color for years, but I was afraid I would ruin it.  My mom bought this dresser at a yard sale when I was a baby, so that makes it over 43 years old.  It looked like this:
 We picked a blue out of one of the paintings in my scrap room and ran with it!  
Then we decided to paint each drawer a different color.  I love it!  I love the blue the best!!  Now it's fun!  (I can't sit anything on it for 2 days...)
The kittens LOVED us being in the barn all morning!!  They may have had some paint on them before it was all over! Ha!  
Katniss just sacked out in Anna's lap!! ADORABLE!
We also put a protective coat on my church bench on the front porch.  Look the difference in the right side versus the left side.  It totally brought the wood back to life!
After my painting fun, Big Bear hauled the camper up from the shed and we started power washing.  It was a hot mess of dirty!!  The donkeys go down to the shed and roll in the dirt and kick it all up and needless to say,, the camper gets covered!  This power washing was LONG overdue!
Wonder what today will bring? :)

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