Friday, July 8, 2016

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver

Worst book I have read in awhile.  It almost felt like I had read that same story line before.  Skip it.  I don't know why I can't just stop reading a book...why I have to finish, but I do.  It doesn't get better.  Don't torture yourself. 

Summary from goodreads:
Dara and Nick used to be inseparable, but that was before the accident that left Dara's beautiful face scarred and the two sisters totally estranged. When Dara vanishes on her birthday, Nick thinks Dara is just playing around. But another girl, nine-year-old Madeline Snow, has vanished, too, and Nick becomes increasingly convinced that the two disappearances are linked. Now Nick has to find her sister, before it's too late.

In this edgy and compelling novel, Lauren Oliver creates a world of intrigue, loss, and suspicion as two sisters search to find themselves, and each other.

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