Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It's the Little Things

Yesterday was the teacher's first day back and the first official day full of Professional Development, so it was really my first true "back to reality" day.  And, after a LONG day of meeting, I had a little blessing when I got home.  One of the littles laid their first egg yesterday!!  Exciting!!  See the one on the far right...the first few eggs are always small and they get bigger with each new egg they lay. Now, I have 7 big chicken layers and 2 banty (mini-chicken) layers! Only 6 more big chickens to go!
Today, I got home and my first Book of the Month Club order had arrived!!  It's just the little things that can make a day brighter.
Tomorrow is the last day of meetings and then we finally get to dig in and start setting up for first day of school on Monday.

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