Friday, August 12, 2016


So glad to see Friday roll around! :)  What a week!!  Back to School is always so draining.  Last night was "Meet and Greet", so that means staying at school until 7 pm.  Then, I got home and hopped on the mower because it's supposed to rain all weekend.  Exhausted!!  I can honestly say I have now mowed using the headlights. Ha!  
And, it's official, I am behind.  One week into work and I can't keep up.  Laundry needs done or we are going to have turn our undies inside out! LOL!  House is a mess. Front porch looks like white trash lives here.  Ahhhhh!!! Read?  Who has time to read?  
And, then there is Bubba Bear who has had issues with his back leg since April.  Our vet couldn't find anything wrong.  We took him for a second opinion today and he has a low grade fever and fluids in his hawk joint.  He is on antibotics for now and goes back Thursday to drain the fluid and get xrays.  My poor baby!  I think we may have a new vet and closer to home too! :)
But at the end of an exhausting week, there is always happy to be found on the farm...
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