Saturday, August 6, 2016

We have a name!

What have I learned in my year & half of chicken antics...LOTS!
For instance, I don't name the chickens until they are 5 to 6 months old and I can really start to tell them apart by features they will keep. (comb, distinct markings, feathers, etc).  Our Friday night fun this week was taking notice of just how beautiful this barred rock girl has turned out.
"Who me?"
After a Facebook and Instagram name suggestion post, we settled on Dotty.  Which is funny because that is what Big Bear wanted to name her to begin with! LOL!
Dotty, the show stopping Barred Rock.
I have also learned:
  1. Some people say don't name your chickens.  Whatever!
  2. One persons favorite breed may not be yours.
  3. Banty's (miniature chickens) are kind of a pain in the rear - high maintenance - and like to go broody.
  4. Don't do straight run.  The odds are not in my favor. (i.e. I end up with more roosters than hens.)
  5. Never say you won't get another chicken.  You will. #crazychickenlady  
  6. Fresh eggs really are better.
Who knew I would grow up to be the crazy chicken lady?  Not me, but I sure do love it! :)

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