Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Farm News

Saturday it rained ALL day AGAIN.  I don't know how many days in row this made.  It rained all week and last weekend and maybe before that.  I can't remember a day without rain.  My outside babies and I are sick of it!!
Goats HATE rain.  Poor babies.
Look closely...can you see Crackle's little beard?  So cute!
Not a great picture, but Snap has figured out my hips make good leverage for reaching branches! LOL!
Sunday, we just rejoiced that there was NO RAIN and the SUN was SHINING!! 
Bubba was feeling better today too.  He was out in full force.  Using his back leg and running!!  He is on the mend!
And these two...oh my goodness, they make it hard sometimes to get anything done.  They love some cuddle time on my lap!!  Meanwhile, the inside cat hates us! LOL!
Today was also Jethro's 2nd birthday!!!  We didn't have a birthday hat so we improvised with daddy's cowboy hat. :)  
Elly May is not one to be left out...
And that's a wrap on a peaceful day!  Hopeful for more sunshine this week!!
The boys:

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