Sunday, August 28, 2016


Friday marked 10 years since our first date!  We've been together a whole decade! CrAzY!  I wouldn't change a bit of our journey because it got us where we are today.  And, my awesome hubby who has been sick for a over a week still managed to get me flowers and chocolate! :)
Since Big Bear hasn't been feeling up to par, we decided to save our fancy dinner plans for when he could enjoy it.  So, we just hung out on the farm and were entertained by the chickens and Pop. 

He works hard to clean up our goat paradise!
Saturday was the first weekend without rain in WEEKS!  I have been dying to go to the Beebe flea market, so we gave it a shot.  Secretly, I wanted to go because I knew people sold chickens there.  I am really wanting to add some variety to my eggs and am looking for some Marans (who lay dark chocolate colored eggs), Olive Eggers (who lay green eggs)and Americauna's (who lay blue eggs).  But, none of those chickens were there.  So, I walked away empty handed.  
But, then we went to another flea market and this antique crib was still there from weeks ago when I passed it up.  It was one of those "regret I didn't get that" things, so I jumped on it AND it was ON SALE!  Even, you ask, what am I going to do with an antique crib?  Look closely...I see a hay feeder!  Bingo!
After we got home and napped, we decided the goats had cleaned up a few areas good enough for us to go do our part and pick up some limbs.  So, we worked in the goat area.  Bubba Bear cracks me up with the goats.  He doesn't know what to think about them calling his bluff!  They don't hesitate to head butt him!! LOL!
FYI - goats can make it a real challenge to start a bon fire!
Just because...I think they are cute! :) 
And the weekend (a good weekend I might add), ended on this note:
Oops!  Didn't realize I had a flat until I was in a tight space and then well...this happened.  So much for mowing. But I got to finish my book I was reading! LOL!

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