Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Katniss Update

Today she got to come home! Yay!  She is still very wobbly and not her full self.  However, she is walking on her own (falling over some), eating & drinking on her own, purring and alert.  All much improved over just yesterday!  This is what she looks like today...yesterday, there was still hardly any balance. So this is HUGE:

After letting her get a little fresh air, I took her inside to her "new digs" until she is back to normal.  It is just too dangerous for her to be outside right now.  She can't get out of the way of the dogs or donkeys.  I could've cried when she chowed down on some food!! You couldn't force her to eat just two days ago!

How does her sister feel about it all?  Well...she isn't too concerned! LOL!
Hopefully tomorrow is EVEN better!

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