Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

And, I have labored all weekend!  I feel good about it too!  My body aches but the place is looking good!  Yesterday was mowing and weedeating.  I got the yard area and the goat area looking pretty dern good if I do say so myself!
 This is our little farm looking from the driveway gate.  The barn is basically in the backyard and this end of our property ends just about a car length behind the barn where we put the privacy fence.  
 I love this side of the yard that goes from the barn to the road.  I think it's so pretty when it's mowed but we never really go over there because we live on a busy road.
The walk from the goats to the chickens:
I just love our barn!  So glad it was already here when we bought the place!
Goat playground cleaned and ready for action!
Today was clean out the barn day!  I had to take multiple breaks from the heat!! So much for that fall weather!!  But it is done and ready for hay season storage!  I have labored all I am going to labor!  Now, I am going to clean up and relax! 

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