Saturday, September 3, 2016

Productive Day!

It's a 3 day weekend and we are PUMPED!

I got up this morning and took advantage of the fall temps!!  I got the goat shed cleaned out and fresh bedding down. 
Then, I started in on the little coop...and had a "little" help.  Not sure Cotton (who is trying to go broody on me!) was thrilled with the help! LOL!
They really can make it challenging to get things done! Ha!
But they are so darn cute!  Who could complain?

I got the big coop done in stages between hens laying eggs! :)
Then we had to cheer on the Hogs for a "barely" win...but still a WIN!  You can see how into the game Bubba Bear was...although how any of the dogs napped through all the yelling, I have no idea!!
Oh, and I must give mention to my current "outsmarting a jackass" move.  The donkeys had gotten to where they were going into the chicken pen when I let them out to free range.  No biggie except, they were dumping all their water containers and I was having to refill them every stinking day.  Plus they were chewing on my super cute egg sign on the back of the coop.  So...I rigged a little something up to keep the donkeys out but the chickens could still come and go.  
Elly May is NOT happy.  She stands in front of it and stomps her foot. Heehee!

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