Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ramblings of the weekend

My followers...every step I take, it is GUARANTEED that Bubba Bear, Stella and two adorable barn kitties are not far behind!  If I am in the goat pen area, add Pop to the mix! LOL!
Why did we get goats? Exhibit A and B...
Saturday, Stella & I took a quick trip to the Big Farm in Beebe to check on things for Mom & Dad...horses are SO BIG compared to all my miniature animals!!
Mom's barn cats DID NOT like Stella ONE bit! LOL!
Do I constantly take pictures? Yes!  And I often scroll through them when I'm not at home and it makes me smile every single time! 
The weekend just goes TOO fast!  Every dern time! :(
Gotta run...we got company coming over for a farm visit and dinner. Woohoo!

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