Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Was it Monday?

It sure felt like a Monday!  What a day!  I could tell you how those "facebook memories" can bite you in the rear...apparently facebook felt the need to remind me that 5 years ago today was our first official visit to the infertility doctor.  I am trying not to let that memory get to me.  It's in the past.  Some days are a fight to NOT let the sadness win.  Today was one of those days.
Then, I came home to a stupid doctor's office trying to turn us over to collections over a bill that we had never received because they were TEXTING the bills!?!  What the?!?
Sometimes, you just have to sit in the camping chairs in the backyard and throw bread to the chickens and let it all go...
So, in honor of that, we are starting to give our Wyandotte Chickens names now that we can semi tell them apart.  Meet "Becky with the good hair":  LOL!
And Lacey: 
Only 3 chickens left to name!

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