Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun Day!

Big Bear and I have been meeting each other coming and going lately.  So, when Big Bear won two free tickets and a parking pass to the State Fair yesterday, we decided a fun day together was in order! :)  And those that know him will not be surprised that he won the tickets with a trivia game on a local radio show. 
We, of course, started with a corn dog & lemonade to be followed up with walking every single farm barn!!
We even lucked into the miniature donkey show!!
We did get to talk to someone who shows their donkeys and FINALLY found a place to buy a miniature donkey halter!!
And, I think I found my retirement goal:
We didn't spend a lot of time in the swine barn...and let's just say I am over EVER wanting a pig!  Ewww...
After watching cows get baths and blown dry (so funny), horses getting ready to show, pigs in the ring, goats being milked, and chickens, it was time for a turkey leg!! 
(Oh, and I came real close to buying two chickens at the fair!  There was a for sale sign on two blue americaunas that I have been searching high and low for...but I had no crate AND they were a year and half old.  LESSON: Go no where without a crate!! LOL!)
And yes, I walked out with fried oreos!
When we got home, it was obviously time for a nap!  Me and this little cutie took a 2 hour nap together. :)
And, all I wanted to finish this great day (Big Bear even did all the feeding around here!!!), was a Razorback win.  I can't stand Auburn!!  But, it's the 3rd quarter and it doesn't look promising. :(

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