Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's molting time!

When the days get shorter and the temps cooler, it is a sign for the chickens to molt.  (out with the old feathers and in with the new)  They look positively pitiful in the process...our bully chicken seems to be the most severe "molter":
Egg production does slow down during molting season and for some chickens they may not lay an egg for up to 3 months.  Besides pitiful looking chickens and less eggs, another sign of molting season is feathers EVERYWHERE!
I mean to the point that sometimes you see a pile so big  in the yard that you think, "oh no! Something happened here and we've lost a chicken."  Nope ... just molting! Whew!
Most of our ladies you can't even tell...I think it's funny that Bully is getting it the worst.  I guess what goes around, comes around! LOL!

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