Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Katniss has had a set-back.  This struggle for her started two weeks ago Saturday.  So, we are at about 2 1/2 weeks.  The emergency vet and our regular vet both said vestibular disease.  Everyday we could see a little improvement.  Then, on Sunday I felt like something wasn't right.  And, by the time I got home from work on Monday, I knew something wasn't right.  Her right side back leg would just give out and she would basically be dragging herself at times. I called the vet because I was a bawling mess.  And, our vet is on vacation this week, so I made an appointment with his substitute and got in this morning.  This vet is thinking head trauma or brain tumor.  She had me so discouraged that I didn't know what to think.  She wants to do a spinal tap and a cat scan of the brain!!  So...for now, until my regular vet returns, we are trying another steroid shot and a round of antibiotics.  In the hopes that there is just a lingering infection (maybe along the spine?) that the first round of antibiotics didn't get.  I don't know...I have researched and researched.  One thing all the vets agree on is that at her age, this is rare.  In the meantime, she is purring and is being kept safely indoors. (Much to the displeasure of Ruby who hates her!) Here is a video of Monday afternoon to show you what I mean:

And, this is where her and sister are right don't hear either of them complaining about being moved in from the barn!  LOL!

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