Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday on the farm

Katniss has gotten a little better with each day.  She is running and jumping up on benches and chairs without falling.  However, she is still not 100%.  So, we are still only outside on supervised mommy time.  Her reaction time is not great yet.
Sunday Selfie :)
My poor Stella...look at that sad face!  She doesn't like sharing her love of her momma! Bless her!
 All lined up for attention from Big Bear!
 Today's only "task" was burning the burn pile, which then lead to the chainsaw coming out and us starting the clean up trees where the goats have cleaned underneath.  Before:
I love a burn pile and this one smelled so good with all the cedar on it!
 And after:  
Once we get the whole row looking like this, we will put a bench down there. Love it!
And, now to get ready for a LONG week of book fair fun!

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