Sunday, October 9, 2016

Those darn GOATS!

Goats...I had read about them being escape artists...I have seen the saying, "Bored?  Get goats!"  They really do keep you on your toes, and they really are hard on fences.  See this cute picture below?  The goats are on the WRONG side of the fence!
This was not an intentional escape.  I will give them that.  Pop weighs a TON and he goes down the fence line pushing on it with all his weight to scratch...well he finally popped a hole and apparently yelled "hey guys! over here!" LOL!
 And, of course this happened just as the Razorback game was I did what any Hog fan would do...I opened the gate going into the goat pen from the chicken pen and went to watch the game!
Now, we were playing Alabama, so I soon became frustrated and went back outside to fix the fence.  All is well.  We have decided to be pro-active since I fixed two corners like this in the past week.  This week we are fence walking and looking for weak spots.  It's always something! (But I love it!)

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