Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This gorgeous beast was traveling from Florida to Oklahoma for a roping competition and his owner has a friend in our area, so he stopped here for an overnight stay along the way.  I mean, who else would you call to house a big 'ole horse overnight? LOL!
We closed him in the backyard area so there was no "issues" with the little donkeys who are even SMALLER next to this guy!  Even Prim was a bit freaked out.  The first time the horse made a whiny sound, she bolted in a dead run.  You never would have guessed she was born in a barn FULL of these gorgeous animals!
 Can you appreciate just how tall/big he is???  I'm sticking to mini's, thank you! LOL!
He stayed in his stall overnight and this morning when I saw the mess, I thought, "Good grief!  My mom cleans this up daily times about 9!!"  
And, this afternoon, Big Bear stepped up and mucked his first stall! :)
Good luck in your roping competition, Six.  Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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