Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Katniss Update

Katniss took the last of her steroid meds this morning!!  She is feeling LOTS better!  She's been running, chasing her sister, climbing and jumping!  We are still supervised when outside, but now even supervised, she has gotten FAST and a few days ago was UP a tree about 12 feet high before I could blink.  That's really, really high when your balance is off!!!  We ended up doing a ladder and kitty rescue! LOL!
She's been making herself right at home.  She still has the head tilt and we are hoping and praying for NO regression now that the meds have stopped.
Both girls get spayed on Friday!! No barn cat litters for us!  

1 comment:

Vader's Mom said...

Barn cats? Woman, those cats aren't going back to the barn & we both know it!

I'm glad she's feeling better!!