Sunday, November 6, 2016

Time for ME! :)

 This weekend, I escaped to Oklahoma for a girls only scrapbooking weekend.  I left all the kids in the care of Big Bear (well, except the kittens...I took them to the vet to be spayed...see how I timed that? Momma ain't no fool!).  I left at 5:30 am on Friday morning and didn't look back!  Can you believe I didn't take ONE single picture ALL weekend?!? What in the world?!
The good thing about time away is that you appreciate home all that more!  By Sunday, I was refreshed and ready to see all my babies and be home again.  
Ahhhh...Home Sweet Home!
And, while I was gone, we lost our first chicken.  RIP Lacey.  Not sure what happened, but we will miss your eggs.
I'm getting a little nervous about ever leaving.  Last time we escaped together was when Katniss got deathly sick and this time I leave and a chicken turns up dead.  This is why it's hard to leave the farm!
And then there were 14 chickens...

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