Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To answer the question...

Do we still have Ruby Rue?  Yes, but it's complicated.
Ruby Rue is hard to explain.  She is an indoor cat.  She's absolutely gorgeous.  But she is not affectionate.  Doesn't care where we are or what we are doing.  Just wants her food bowl and water bowl full at all times please.  And, basically, only seems to like the dog, Bubba Bear.  I have honestly never in my life not been able to bond with one of my animals, but Ruby makes it hard.
Then to make matters even MORE complicated, Katniss got sick two months ago.  We had to bring the barn cat inside, which meant I also brought in her sister  some to keep them bonded.  Katniss could not defend herself for a long time.  She could barely even walk at times.  So, this meant a lot of "lock that cat in this room" and "lock that cat in the other room" kind of thing.  Needless to say, Ruby got locked in our bedroom A LOT over the past two months.  But she didn't seem to care.  It truly didn't bother her as long as her bowl was full.  Once Katniss hit the stage of dragging her hind end and we weren't sure that she would ever fully recover, we did toy with the idea of re-homing Ruby.  I couldn't risk her attacking Katniss.  We actually did find a widow who would take her, and I felt SO guilty because I have NEVER re-homed one of my pets.  I felt like I made a commitment to her and even if she didn't like us, I should honor my commitment.   In the end, the home fell through and I think it was a good thing because I would have always felt guilty. husband's forgetfulness and Katniss on the mend and we accidently had all the cats together and working it out.  Ruby is by no means happy about the kittens inside, but Katniss will probably always have to be inside unless supervised, so Ruby will just have to suck it up.  Prim only comes in at night.
So there you have it.  Ruby Rue is still here.  She is pretty ticked about it too.  We have 3 dogs and 3 cats in our small farm house.  I have lost my mind!!  Luckily, my husband knew who he was marrying from the get-go! :)
And, they are working it out.  Prim just kind of inserts herself - like it or not! LOL!

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