Thursday, December 1, 2016

Always something!

The donkeys have been in trouble A LOT lately!!  Big Bear may have threatened that they needed a new home.  Yikes!  He was just mad at the time.  In their defense, he was the one that left the tack room door open.  Then they let themselves on in and made a mess.
Now, it has been a challenge to keep them OUT of the chicken area while I let the ladies out to free range.  If they get in the coop, they knock all the water bowls over and/or empty them.  And of course, eat all the chicken feed and tear up the chicken feeder. It basically looks like a tornado goes through the chicken area.  We have for months kept them out by putting a bar across the gate.  Well, Tuesday they knocked down the bar and got in. But I thought I had forgotten to put the bar up.  Then when it happened again the next day, I knew they had finally figured out how to get in. So, today I tied the bar down...but alas, I came home to this:
Oh, I will NOT be outsmarted by a donkey.  I can be JUST as stubborn.  Enjoy your time in there...cause I will win! (Note the water container! Urgh!)
The chickens had made their own escape route under the fence and it gave me an idea.  Hmmm...I can just make a chicken size "door".  Then, they can come and go all day, but the donkeys will be locked out.  We can keep the big gate closed.  Yay!  I will be adding a little hinged door later on for when we want to keep them contained to just the pen area, but they have full free range all the time now since the dogs are so used to them and leave them alone. :)
Add a little chicken scratch to the mix and they caught on quick!  
And, the donkeys days of just free range all over the farm are coming to an end.  As soon as we get the 16 ft. gate that goes across one area, they will be confined all day to the big pasture.  Enough is enough.  They are getting too big for their miniature britches!

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