Friday, December 30, 2016

Catching Up!

It's been a whole week!  Where has the week gone?  It has FLOWN by!  
We had Saturday with Big Bear's family for their Christmas.  Then, Christmas morning here.  I love Christmas morning. Just staying in our PJ's and having yummy breakfast tacos and enjoying a low-key morning ... and of course, seeing what Santa left in all our stockings. He even remembered Bubba Bear! :)
Around lunch, we headed out to my parent's farm for Christmas lunch and a little firing range action.  I got to shoot my new 380, but I have to admit, it's not my favorite. Hope I get used to it so I can use it as my concealed. We'll see.
 I wonder how many fish were harmed in the firing range at the big pond! LOL!
We have had some moments of down time and much needed relaxing this week, but have also got a lot done.  Our rent house is turning over and we needed new floors in the kitchen and laundry area, so we've dealt with that and finding new renters.  But it all worked out and God is good!
We managed Day 3 on the donkey shed and got the posts set.  We also moved it up a foot in the back so it's 12x11. Something to do with the overhang.  I just agreed to moving one foot but no more! ha!
And, sadly, we lost a chicken this week.  Our first predator in 2 years!!!  One weak spot in the door of the run and he pulled her through.  Poor Jackie.  I hope it was quick.  We have reinforced the door.  Added a game camera and a trap. I went out last night multiple times to check on them and spotted the predator.  We are dealing with a nasty ole opossum.  He's going down though!  No one messes with my ladies!
That's the quick run down of the week.  Only 3 more days off and I'm back to work.  Then I will be back on a routine.  But I'm NOT READY! :(

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