Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas at Granny's

(My Granny, two aunts, uncle and mom) :)
This year seemed a bit of a whirlwind trip!  The road to Granny's house is a long drive!  Kevin went up to spend the night with his parents the night before so I drove the first hour to Beebe to meet up with my parents and ride with them.  We had 3 more hours to go!  We drove there and back in one day, so it was a lot of time in the car, and then the weather was CrAzY!!!  We drove up in beautiful weather of 75 degrees and then the rain came and the temps started dropping.  By the time we got back to Beebe, it was in the 20's!

Another part of the day was picking up Big Bear's (new to him) tractor.  More on that later...but we were loading it in POURING rain.  We were all SOAKED (except mom who wisely stayed in the vehicle!).  We had a little trouble getting the tractor on the trailer due to the bush hog being too heavy for the tractor (and the weather)....and just about the time we got it loaded, mom said a tornado was heading our way.  

 So, we drove to Beebe in high winds, rain and tornado warnings. Good times!
We don't do anything simple.  Always gotta have a story! LOL!

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