Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 1 of Donkey Shed Project

Nothing gets past these two!  They knew something was up and they were ready to supervise!
Since we need to park the tractor where the donkeys currently reside, today was the "ground breaking" on the new donkey shed! 
First, a little bush hogging to clear the area.
We picked the spot yesterday.  It's a little down hill from the wind and will be blocked on both sides.
 We had a little clearing to do, but not much.  Still the chainsaw got to make an appearance today!
 There were too many stumps in our original spot so we backed up a little to a better "ground" area.  
To sum up day 1, we cleared the area, measured it and squared it up for a 12x12 shed and got the holes dug for the 4x4 posts.

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